What Robb Reinstatement do

Reactive Maintenance/Emergency Call Out Service

Whether it is a replacement lock, burst pipe or broken window, our Scotland-wide call out service will quickly and efficiently solve your property repair and maintenance problems.

If you would like to know more about our maintenance service or our emergency call out service, please contact us.

Insurance Claim Service

When properties are damaged by fire, storm, flood or water, it can be a distressing time for the property owners and tenants. At Robb Reinstatement, we try to minimise their stress by providing a full insurance claim service.

Fire Damage

Fire damage in a property can be extremely destructive, causing extensive damage not to mention extreme stress to the owner. At Robb Reinstatement, we have many years of experience in dealing with every aspect of fire damage insurance claims, from a relatively small fire to a major incident.

Flood Damage

Increasingly, flooding is becoming a major concern for many parts of the country. From small partial floods to major town flooding, Robb Reinstatement has experience in dealing with every aspect of the flood damage insurance claims process and with emergency repairs and the reinstatement of their property.

Storm Damage

Storm damage to property can cause major disruption and distress for property owners. Robb Reinstatement is highly experienced in helping property owners through the insurance claims process and with emergency repairs and the reinstatement of their property.

Water Damage

Perhaps the most frequent and distressing reason for an insurance claim is water damage. At Robb Reinstatement, we are highly experienced in dealing with all aspects of water damage insurance claims, from leaking radiators and burst pipes to major water tank failures.


When it comes to reinstatement work, our clients want to know that they are getting a fair price for a top quality service. That’s why we are happy to provide a free reinstatement estimate service to our clients.

Our qualified team of estimators is highly experienced in assessing building and property damage and providing detailed specifications and accurate estimates of repair and reinstatement costs. Where appropriate, our estimates include digital photographs of the property and damaged areas.

Got a project or emergency? We can help..

All of our services are tailored to match our clients’ specific requirements. Contact us today to find out more about Robb and how we can help!